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Happy New Year!

This year I am starting monthly workshops at a beautiful new studio - SYNCHRONICITY - 157a Hubert Grove SW9 very near Clapham North tube and SW4)

All workshops are between 12.30 - 2.30pm

Cost is 12 pounds for each workshop.

The first three are aimed at intermediate level or for those who need to build confidence in improvising.


Sunday January 25th

Ways into Improvisation 1 - Freedom through limitation

Using exercises that inhibit are choice of movement you can discover your own capabilities to improvise and dance spontaneously.

We will be examining closely one piece of music; rhythm, melody, texture and emotion. The idea being that as we dance it is as if the music becomes a second skin.


Sunday February 22nd

Ways into Improvisation 2 - Telling a story

A story has a beginning, a middle and an end and so does a piece of music. Many Arabic pieces fall neatly into the story form.

The 'characters' or instruments set the scene then individually each one tells a tale reaching in a climax displayed by the main 'protaganist', or dominant soloist.

Using the same piece as the last workshop we will improvise our own varied interpretations of this story.


Sunday March 22nd

Exploring the labyrinth

Inspired from the images of the universal Tree of Life myth, this session will work intensely on the technique of moving circles, eights, camels and shimmies vertically through the body to create a beautiful and fluid effect.


Please let me know if you are interested in any of the above a.s.a.p as these are small workshops.

If you would like to come please try and pay in advance by cheque to:

Beatrice Parvin

165 Clapham Road SW9 OPU

mob: 07906 078386

click here to e-mail beatrice


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